Story Time

How does Jessie feel about your blog?  A fair enough question and one which I admit (with my head held in shame) I had, until today, never directly asked her.  Even though she is well aware of the blog and its overall theme, Jessie has not actually read any of the posts in which she is so prominently featured.  Assuming that the material is over her head (I write with an extraordinarily high level of nuance, ya know) plus a little laziness and, I suppose, a healthy dose of concern, I decided to bring her to the private corner in which I write to have a look.

I invited her down with the lure of having something I wanted to show her.  While initially disappointed that the “something” wasn’t clothing, nail polish or a wig, her interest piqued when I asked if she wanted to read some of the blog posts that she has heard so much about.  With an enthusiastic enough tone, she said she did.

We started off with “Adoption” which I read aloud while she stood next to me, closely following the words on the screen.  She responded by saying, “yeah, I get that” which allowed me to let my shoulders down a half a notch.

Next we scrolled to some harder hitting posts: “Phenomenons” (which only begged the question, “why did you leave the “o” out of G-d) and “Battle of the Exes” which I read to her, not leaving out a single word and explaining the meaning of (n.c.i.) and (g.c.i.). About halfway through she nudged me silently and gently and then plopped herself down on my lap to settle in for the read.  I could feel both of our bodies relax and asked if she wanted one more.  She did.

The final two we read together were “Oh Brother…Where Art Thou” and, in an effort to endear her big brother even further into her good graces, Harrison’s post of the same day.  You may recall that Harrison closed his piece by avowing his love, but gently reminding her that he is entitled to the front seat before she is.  With a huge, mischievous grin, Jessie began dictating a response to Harrison.  I didn’t manage to capture it verbatim (I was too busy wiping the sweat off my brow) but it included lines like, “quite frankly, Harrison, I know how to call shotgun” and other equally important retorts.

Once story time was over I looked her dead in the eye and asked how she felt now that she had read some of the posts.  “Mom, I feel great” and at that very moment she spotted the picture of the boots that are soon to be her’s and asked when she would be getting them.  This weekend, girlfriend, this weekend.

p.s. Jessie has asked for full access to my blog so that she may post whenever the spirit strikes.  That request has been denied, but I suspect there is a guest blogger somewhere in our future.

5 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. What a wonderful gift you have given to your baby, the gift of her story. How precious that she can see it through your eyes and her brother’s eyes, and even all of our admiring eyes via the comments. Although I am quite the naysayer of this hallmark Hallmark holiday, you have given her a true gift of love today and every day.

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