10 thoughts on “Important Update to Charge It!!!

  1. Phone works fine and didn’t even notice (phew!). Now…about the large scratch in the bumper of the black truck….Another blog perhaps? LOL.

    BTW The Dictator was pretty funny although a couple scenes a bit awkward to watch with a 17 year old.


    • Ladies and gentlemen: please note the virgin comment from Rich (of Rich and Harrison fame). Sure…this one he sees! Damn.

    • I was secretly siding with you on this one, Rich, and it seems you didn’t need it, the situation having resolved itself. How patient of you!

      At our house, the kids don’t mess with Jimmy’s electronics — it’s policy, and he needs them for work. I have a more liberal policy with my electronics (hmm, which may be too liberal, come to think of it).

      Jessie is smart enough to follow whatever policy you all lay out. She can always wait to ask you to borrow your stuff when you get home.
      Or, find a technical solution: keep an extra charger in the kitchen junk drawer. They’re cheap.

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