Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes. Just Not These.

Who doesn’t like new shoes?  I know I love them and have been known to fashion an outfit around a new pair just for an excuse to wear them.  This, however, is not exactly what I had in mind:

As if the start of the week wasn’t traumatic and upsetting enough, yesterday I managed to drop this on my foot:

Which resulted in this:

And required a visit here:

Which garnered a recommendation of these:

Which just sucks all around.

The End.

45 thoughts on “Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes. Just Not These.

    • Funny you should ask. Just as it was falling (corner first, of course) onto my foot I was asking Jessie why she still even had it in her room given the fact that she hasn’t played or looked at it in years! Oh, the irony.

  1. Good old Newton-Wellesley. I find myself turning into their lovely parking garage way more often than should be necessary. Didn’t realize we were from the same neck of the woods. Hoping for a speedy recovery, and that you get some good reading in while you stay off your feet.

    • That hospital literally saved my life, my father’s life and my mother’s life….and my kids were born there. That said, I would be just as happy to never go back. Ever.

  2. At least you are keeping your sense of humor…. loved spending time with you, even if it was in the emergency room. XOXOX

      • I took a bit of a break from an otherwise crazy day to read this and David’s comment was the funniest thing I’ve read in quite some time — OMG that was hilarious…not laughing at you my dear bestie but David’s deadpan comment juxtaposed to all the best wishes comments was quite hysterical…that being said, OUCH to you and I hope there is a silver lining in your convalescence…demand that your kids do something nice for you — or I will beat them (in the nicest way possible)….love you, and love David….xxoo

  3. Well, at my (advanced) age, I tend to often see my memory drop – not a game, though, and never on my foot (not that I can recall, anyway). When I was a kid, we called that game ‘Concentration’, and it was much easier to play than it is now. My lovely partner and I attempt to play it from time to time, but she is at a disadvantage – even when playing me. She suffers from both Dyslexia and Attention Deficit, which she calls her D.D.A..;-)

    I’m truly sorry for your pain, Julie. I hope that you have a speedy recovery. I’ve gotta ask, though, does that cute little boot come in pink and with a stiletto heel? It’s just what I’ve been looking for! xo

  4. OMG, you just can’t win this week. Look at the bright side- you have an excuse to make your kids wait on you (including Rich!)
    Deb P. probably has some ambulating tips for you, too….

    Feel better soon,

  5. So, Julie, I’ve been wondering which is bruised worse – your foot or your ego after Monday’s fail with Jessie’s camp experience? Keep your hopes (and your foot) up!

  6. Just can’t stay away from NWH these days….feel better! I had a twin injury a month ago. Same foot, same spot! Flip flops will be a challenge for a while once the boot comes off. At least your pedi looks good-and I love the color!

    • I’ve already given the boot well, the boot. I have one pair of flops that work…haven’t dared to try a sneaker yet which means I have not been exercising. Hate that!

  7. Julie, if it makes you feel any better, I just managed to put a big gash in my big toe while trying out my new pressure washer. Turns out that anything powerful enough to strip paint off of the house should not be pointed toward a foot in flip flops. Hmmm, and I CHOSE to be blonde. Oh well, it takes my mind off of the pain in my hand from tripping and landing on the one piece of wood that still had a nail in it during my fence mending project last week. Doing stupid things like these makes me wonder if I might be more of a guy than I thought. 😉

      • I’m OK, but limited in my choice of shoes for a while, I suspect. At least I’m smart enough to know when to turn the wand on the pressure washer away when it hurts. It didn’t cut to the bone, anyway. Between the two of us, we have two left feet now. I think that was my problem in the first place – two left feet (and blonde).

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