6 thoughts on “Hot off the HuffPo Press

  1. Love this article and very timely. I read this right before meeting with the principal of our elementary school to let them know that my child will arrive on their first day of kindergarten presenting as a girl with a new name.

    As hopeful as I am for a smooth start to school and as proud of my child as I am, I can’t help but mourn the loss of my son.

    • Lots of good luck, Nicole. I hope the meeting went well – and I hope you have as “easy” a time with the school environment as we were fortunate enough to have. Feel free to email me privately, too!

  2. Enter me. I stumbled into you by way of the huff post the other day. Call it a cosmic pull but I just had to read your entire blog. (I don’t do blogs.) I just finished. Your family is so blessed to have you. I feel like I know you. Your personality reminds me of a combination of women, strong women, that I grew up observing. Friend’s moms, Aunts and their friends. I love your style of writing and thinking. And just wanted to say job (in progress) well done & keep up the fantastic job raising your family!

    ❤ amy

    P. S. Good Luck with camp¡!!!!!!!!

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