Draw The Line

Jessie has always been artistic (and had the temperament to back it up).  From the time she was little she would draw whenever a pencil and paper found their way to her proximity.  Sure, it was usually a girl with long flowing hair which, I would come to learn, was an unusual choice for a little boy, but its quality always surpassed that which one would expect from a kid her age.  I didn’t know I was supposed to be concerned about the subject matter until years later.

Over the years she took several different group art classes all of which were successful in terms of her creations, but never quite right in terms of being a part of the class.  Her unique perspective and presentation had not quite taken form yet and, while adored by every instructor, she had a hard time being a part of the group.   It took me some time (for reasons unknown) to finally put in a call to a dear friend (love you JGC) who I met when our children were in preschool together who also happens to be the Dean of Students at a prestigious art school nearby.  I messaged her on Facebook one day asking if she could recommend a student who could both teach Jessie the finer skills and nuances of drawing and be able to handle her, warts and all.  As it happened, she was sitting with the perfect candidate for such a job and thus began our lessons with Sarah.

My mother is an artist.  Harrison is a gifted photographer; even winning an Honorable Mention in the Boston Globe Scholastic Arts contest.  The five nieces and nephew on my side of the family are all artists.  I, however, am completely incapable of drawing anything (I find a circle to be too challenging) and am in awe of anyone who isn’t so challenged.  (I used to be outright envious, but have found it in me to let go of that…it was unbecoming to be jealous of one’s brothers’ offspring.)

So, indulge me for a moment and allow me to share some shots which are particularly impressive to me, and, I suspect, you.  Remember, she is ten.   And complicated.  And awesome.  I would recommend currying favor with her just enough to ensure you get a friends and family discount as she is going to be famous someday.

Given ten minutes, she created this:

This happened in thirty minutes:

And here is the artist at work: (photo creds to Sarah)

30 thoughts on “Draw The Line

  1. Uh, Julie? Don’t know how to tell you this but….. well… .she already IS famous! Have you noticed the size of your readership lately? How wonderful, though, that she’ll be famous for something else entirely! She really is quite gifted. No doubt about that.

  2. She is great! And so happy in the pic…Jessie is on a course toward happiness in her life and you should be commended for being so flexible..

  3. Awesome work! While I do draw and sometimes paint, I am terrible trying to do people or animals and like you, I am awe struck by those who can do them as well as Jessie. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

  4. For what it’s worth, you can take it from one who finds it hard to even draw a conclusion, and is much more adept at running in circles than drawing them, that Jessie has much talent. She could be another Frida Kahlo (I’d suggest dispensing with the uni-brow, though)! It’s been shown that many transgender people are very creative and talented in the arts. My talent is with music, but I find it difficult to even paint my own nails without making a total mess of them. I can, however, sing praise to Jessie’s art.

  5. Wow! Unbelievably good. Have been following your blog for some time now and it never fails to amaze me – not only the courage each of you exhibit but the love you share while you experience your ups and downs. I especially appreciate the honesty with which you share them. I would definitely like to go on the ” list” for a print when she starts selling her work! And I agree with one of your other com enters – she looks as happy as she is talented! God bless.

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