124 Hours

Hey…remember me?  I used to blog fairly regularly.   Until, that is, I blew outta town for five days and forgot all about life back in the big city (such as it is).  Yep, I am just back from five days of heaven on earth.  Five days of worrying about no one other than myself.  Five days of sitting on my ass doing one (and only one at a time) of three things: eating, shopping or sunning.  Five days of living like a Real Housewife, minus the bickering, backstabbing and name calling.  It was fantastic and long overdue.

I knew I needed a break, but had no idea just how desperately.  It wasn’t until I felt the warmth of the Florida sun and watched my hair become shorter, bigger and curlier by the second that I fully embraced just how spent I was.  I slept like a log.  I ate like a pig.  I cried (just once) like a baby.  I sunned like a (stupid) teenager.  I celebrated my birthday like a princess.  It was perfection.


With the exception of the head in a cloud feeling from the shaky flight home which I just managed to shake about an hour or so ago, I feel like a new girl.  Unfortunately, this new girl has very little to share with regards to her family’s adventure at the moment, but have all confidences that that will change.

Just checking in…more to come as reality sets back in and my tan fades to my normal shade of pale.

p.s. Lots of love and thanks to everyone for remembering my birthday (29 is a big one, ya know) and a special shout out to MLS and LG for making me feel like royalty for 124 hours.  Thanks, too, to Rich and the kids for letting me call them (and not the other way around) for those entirety of those 124 hours and for my one-day-post-birthday celebration.

10 thoughts on “124 Hours

  1. I thought that maybe your absence was a Passover thing, but, come to think, it was a pass over of another type. A little R&R or AA (attitude adjustment – not the other AA) is good for everyone, and I know that you were long overdue. As I’ve said before, the only thing I can think of that would be harder than being a transgender woman is to be the parent of a transgender child. Anyway, I’m sure that the sarcastic side of life will come back swiftly and in full force for you. In fact, I will now begin holding my breath for it. 😉

  2. You lucky, lucky, bastard ! After my birthday from hell trip. My own fault, I brought my family and went on a cruise (that hit a tropical storm and gave me motion sickness). Next time, Miami (or Vegas or anywhere warm) with the girls !

  3. Hi Julie
    I came across your blog and am very interested in your story, I am a dental hygiene student and am looking for someone to interview for my diversity project, basically to increase my knowledge on something or someone that I may not know much about. I am wondering if I could at all email you some of my questions about your experiences? If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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