Fifty Things I Am Grateful For: Thanksgiving 2013 Edition


  1. That I live in a community which hardly batted an eye when my child arrived at school dressed as the girl she feels she is.
  2. My two children who are, at any given moment,  wonderful, horrible, agreeable, delightful, funny, obnoxious, rude, insightful, dense, adorable, ridiculous, wonderful, impossible and inspiring (among other things).
  3. Being able to fit into (most of) my jeans, despite going to the gym too little and Fives Guys too much.
  4. My rabidly supportive, protective and loving brothers.  And Ellie.  Definitely Ellie.
  5. For Awapui which yields the same results as Keratin at a seventieth of the price.
  6. My mother who is the poster child for fiercely independent women.
  7. To my readers for encouraging, supporting and following me.
  8. Psychopharmacology.
  9. Sweatpants.
  10. Harrison’s buds returning home from school and coming to hang out at the house before he has even left campus.  Love those boys.
  11. BTS for being BTS.
  12. Hitting my ninth anniversary of kicking cancer’s ass.
  13. My discovery of  the joys of hot tea with almond milk and agave.  Soothes the soul.
  14. Learning from my dad to never lose my sense of humor.
  15. Manicures and being wise enough to know just how far they go in nudging my happiness factor northward.
  16. Boots.  Tall boots, short boots, cowboy boots, leather boots, suede boots, high heeled, flat, combat.  Lots and lots of boots.
  17. Ditto bracelets.
  18. Wonderful memories of a wonderful father.
  19. Facebook: for bringing people from past lives back into this one.
  20. The fantastic people I am lucky enough to work with every day – go TCS!
  21. MFKG, MLBS, RBDR, JELW: smooches.
  22. Navs.  I’d be lost without ‘em.
  23. Words with Friends: in a matter of moments I can go from feeling like a huge moron to the smartest person on the planet.
  24. Texting.  Love texting.
  25. Caller I.D.  (see #24)
  26. Mascara.
  27. My new-found ability to limit my Diet Coke intake to the point that I will not suffer the withdrawal symptoms of last year.  It was ugly.
  28. Being tall enough to play with a few pounds.  (see #3)
  29. Living in a school district that made Jessie’s transition, well, easy.
  30. Garnet yams.  Not your average sweet potato.
  31. 90 minute massages.
  32. The fact that I yell so infrequently that when I do, I am heard.
  33. The number of Harrison’s peeps who have friended (and more to the point, not de-friended) me on Facebook.
  34. Frozen bananas at the ready whenever the need to make a smoothie arises.
  35. Health insurance.
  36. My mother’s artistic talents skipping me, but landing with Jess.
  37. Central air.  Life changing.
  38. Target’s Deep Conditioning Cocoa Butter Hand Lotion.  Try it.
  39. Impulse control.  (See #2)
  40. Macoun apples smeared with Whole Foods freshly ground honey peanut butter.
  41. Knowing that, despite some bumps in the road, I have a lot to be grateful for.
  42. Google.  Most of the time.  Sometimes it freaks me out.
  43. Tuesday nights.
  44. My left-handedness.  It is the one and only thing that both my children inherited from me.
  45. Scarves.
  46. The versatility of my hair – one never knows if it will be long, short, blonde, brown, straight or curly.  Keep ‘em guessing.
  47. Cell phone cameras.
  48. Pretzel M&Ms.  Best invention ever.  (Worst invention ever? Coconut and/or Candy Corn M&Ms)
  49. My new vacuum cleaner.  And the person who got it for me.
  50. The love, support, empathy, compassion and encouragement of anybody reading this.

All the best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, a Happy Hannuka, a Merry Christmas and all good things in 2014.

Oh, and I am grateful for Dr. Suess — he had it going on.

15 thoughts on “Fifty Things I Am Grateful For: Thanksgiving 2013 Edition

  1. Thank you Julie #51 Having someone as clever, funny and insightful provide me life wisdom-on-the-go. All the best to you and yours. And thanks for blazing a trail for the rest of us.

  2. In no particular order, I’m sure. I mean, mascara is all the way down at 26! 😉
    A HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and yours. This will be the first Thanksgiving for which I will be 100% there with my family (you know what I mean), so wish me luck……………………

  3. I kept wanting there to be check boxes next to each item for “Like,” and I knew mascara would be in there somewhere. Happy holidays to you and yours Julie. You are blessed.

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