Happiest of New Years!

Over the past decade or so, I have spent my fair share of time putting out fires; some big, some freaking huge.  Through it all I have learned just how valuable a friend, or even an acquaintance, can be.  I try to reciprocate and  hope that I am succeeding.  If I am not, let me know…nicely, please.

That said, if you are reading this you have, at some point, somewhere, sometime, somehow in the past um, nearly fifty (but NOT fifty) years been a part of my life, even if just on the pages of this blog.  Perhaps it was in elementary school or junior high or, and there is a great likelihood here: BCDS.  It could have been in ‘Toga for four years in the mid-eighties.  It may have been at JCC Preschool, or TENS or Soule or Baker or BHS.  Then again, it might have been at Pine Manor, or BC, or Brandeis, or Thomson or Streamline or Hill’s, PRU, Millennium or TCS.  Or, maybe it was at Temple Emeth or Healthworks or the J…who the hell knows or, for that matter, cares.  What matters is that you are a part of my life and, to a person, I am grateful for all the support, love and laughter we have shared.

As we enter the new year (aside: how can we be possibly be at 2014 already?) I resolve to stay calm as I await whatever surprises, challenges and opportunities lay ahead, what bumps there will be in the road (you will note I did not question if there would be bumps in the road)  and where (and, some days, how) I will make my way in the world.  And this is where you come in.


I am smart, articulate and great at getting things done.  I am the person you want around in an emergency (provided, of course, there is no vomit involved). I am a seasoned and successful salesperson, can write a bit and know how to work a room. I am (by some miracle) both high energy and surprisingly optimistic (well, most of the time.  No, really, I am. Shut up, I am.)  I want to make a difference, but I also want to make a buck (or several).

My professional life has been eclectic.  I have worked in academia, finance (at least I think it was finance), start-ups, high techs and (lots of) food-related stuff.  I have been one of two employees and one of thousands.  I have been the youngest team member and, gulp, I have (okay, often) been the oldest.  I have worked in suburbia and in the city.  I have had jobs that required I wear grown-up clothes and others where jeans are the name of the game.  (Anyone who knows me well knows which I prefer).  If that doesn’t demonstrate my adaptability, than I don’t know what does.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because I think one of you might just know of a good opportunity that is waiting for someone like me to make it happen.  One of you has a role to fill, or knows someone who has a role to fill (and chances are excellent I will know that person, too) and I just might be the perfect fit.  One of you is as interested in pairing people together to get things done as I am.  One of you knows the feeling when you want (and, frankly, need) to do more but are not quite sure of the details.

So, file this blog under: Creative? Unusual?  Gauche? Rude? Brilliant?  Obnoxious?  Clever? Smart? Embarrassing? Shrewd? Shameless? Ridiculous? Honest?

You know how to reach me.  Oh, but if you don’t:  julielross65@gmail always works.

Wishing you, yours (and the people who might not even have met yet) a joyous, happy, healthy, fun, creative, clever, and honest 2014.  Remind yourself, no matter what you are facing, that you can do it.  Remember the lessons learned and use them to make tomorrow (even) better than yesterday or today.  Be true to yourself, have the courage of your convictions and let me know if you have a brilliant job opportunity for me.


4 thoughts on “Happiest of New Years!

  1. Julie,
    May you, Jessie, and your family enjoy a Happy New Year’s Eve and a peaceful and wonderful 2014.

    With Love,

    George McGee

  2. Seems like just yesterday people were worried about the end of the world beause of the Y2K problem.

    Best wishes, and, of course, prayers for a blessed year in 2014.

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