Love The Kid Whose Name is Left Out for Privacy

The following arrived in my in blog comments this morning.  I saw it when I first woke up, have been thinking about ever since and am thrilled to finally have a second to share it.

Hi! I go to (name of school left out for privacy) school and in Jessie’s grade. She is an amazing girl with a true heart! I know some people are mean to her, but let her know that (name left out for privacy) really does like her.


Wow.  Just wow.

I showed it to Jess and it is safe to say she is pretty much the happiest kid on the planet right now.

She has told me that she is going to give (name left out for privacy) a hug when she sees her.  So, too, am I.

Not so happy about the people being mean to her, however…

5 thoughts on “Love The Kid Whose Name is Left Out for Privacy

  1. We sure hope no one is being mean to her! I am quite sure that Jessie has the necessary thick skin to fend off any negatives that come her way in life…You both are doing wonderful and we love hearing from you!

  2. That is awesome! Though it breaks my heart that kids are mean to her… makes me feel all “protective older sister”, even though you guys don’t know me. xo

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