Keep Calm, It’s Not Contagious

Recently someone expressed their concern over their children having been “exposed” to Jess.  Let that sink it.


I don’t know about you, but when I consider exposure and concern in the same sentence here’s what comes to my mind:

  1. The flu
  2. The chicken pox
  3. Ebola
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. Yellow Fever
  6. AIDS
  7. Stomach bugs
  8. Pertussis
  9. Syphilis
  10. Pink eye
  11. Legionnaires Disease
  12. Strep throat
  13. Meningitis
  14. A cold
  15. Rabies
  16. Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E
  17. MRSA
  18. Bubonic Plague
  19. Chlamydia
  20. Diptheria
  21. Malaria
  22. SARS
  23. Athlete’s Foot
  24. Typhoid Fever
  25. Herpes

Here’s what doesn’t:

  1. Anything, anything related to LGBTQ

31 thoughts on “Keep Calm, It’s Not Contagious

  1. My oldest child has autism, (youngest is a lovely trans teen) and I used to get that all the time with autism, too. People amaze, and often not in a good way. So much education, so little time. As an aside, your blog helps to keep me sane….well, what’s left of my sanity. Thanks for that!

  2. I’d be “concerned” about Jess’s “exposure” to that family. Unlike anything LGBTQ, their ignorance and prejudices are more likely to cause harm. Hopefully that person’s kids haven’t suffered from exposure to those horrible diseases…Congrats on not requiring bail money 🙂

  3. Good thing being anice ignorant moron is not contagious. I’d have to wear a mask for fear of running in to a person who makes a comment like that. SMH

  4. Having grown up being a lesbian, I have been the recipient of such comments many times. Sometimes actions like clerks giving change. . They make sure not to touch you while doing so. They kinda just throw the change into your hand. I promise you.. it won’t rub off on you if you touch me.

    • If it makes you feel any better, they do the same to me, and I’ve shopped in the same store for 20 years, with my kids in tow. It might be just a habit, nothing personal. It sucks that people have acted in a way that you’ve been made to feel that it’s something more. 😦 ((hugs))

  5. Funny…I was always concerned about my trans daughter being exposed to stupid people, and, as we all know, there ain’t no cure for stupid!

  6. Yes, because if they didn’t say anything their children might not notice it at all – or they might get the idea that being a trans tween is OK (and we can’t let kids think for themselves can we?)

    • You are so right with that Jamie Ray ! Most kids are “cool” with it…until an unaccepting adult tells them otherwise..This parent belongs somewhere other than greater Boston!

  7. OMG Julie, I don’t know how you CAN stay calm!! Sometimes I just want to go on every TV talk show, contact every TV news station, shout from the rooftops, being trans does not make you a – take your pick – pedophile, rapist, sex fiend, and all the other stupid things people say and think! Unfortunately it wouldn’t do any good, you can’t fix stupid. And to think that some of them are even friends/acquaintances. Sheesh!

  8. I’m sorry their arms ignorant people worried about exposure. Keep blogging and keep educating! Love to all! 💕

    Sent from my iPhone ~cRc


  9. Hard to believe people still think this way. Julie, been enjoying your blog for a long time. wanted to as a personal question… I’m assuming Jess is on blockers by now?

  10. Not hiding, Julie…………….I’m fully exposed! 😉 My old computer was exposed to a virus that has kept me off the internet for some time, but I just got this new one that is fully vaccinated. *idea* I could change my name to “Vaccine”, so that I would be immune to the stupid comments people make at times. Actually, “Connie” has been doing just fine with all that. There are so many good people in the world that I meet most every day; why waste time even dealing with the detractors. This is not about my exposition, rather, it is their supposition.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Love, Connie

  11. Followed you over from Scary Mommy… I’m an old-school parent who’s learning a lot of new things now that my babies are not-such-shorties anymore. Babygirl announced the other day that her friend, Hannah, will now be referred to as “him”.

    My own mother (having grown up in the 40s and done most of her baby-raising in the 50s and 60s), would’ve laughed… shaken her head, and chalked it up to kids trying on new identities. That was my initial instinct, too, out of long-ingrained habit, but I stifled it and made an effort to listen and try to understand because of numerous discussions the spawn and I have had on this topic.

    Remembering how often I rolled my eyes at my own Mom’s “old fashioned” ideas, and how sad I am that we took so long to forge an adult relationship, I have been working on making it a point to listen to my kiddos and to try to understand them as they’ve grown into their own ideas about how the world works. I’m finding those attempts at respect are shaping me as much as it encourages their growth and deepens our relationships. I am so proud of my Babygirl for going out of her way to educate herself and to try to understand her friend’s choice to be open about her identity, and feelings.

    I might not get everything (or anything) right, but compassion and an effort to learn, it seems to me, are always the right response. It’s appalling to think of anyone talking about “exposure” to your child in that context. Wtf is wrong with people? With my own experiences and learning curve in mind, all I can say is keep spreading the education. You might not be able to change a true bigot’s heart, but most comments like that come out of simple ignorance, and education is the only cure.

    For hateful bigots, there’s always a 2×4… 😉

  12. That’s sad that she has to go thru that! The county I live in has just been made aware of a female that’s had identified herself as a male now, they are acting crazy about it! The entire school board is in a uproar with the county over the bathroom, when parents act without any common sense they pass it to their children and the children turn it into hate. I feel so bad for him.

  13. just so sickening, horrifying, hurtful, ignorant, small minded, fearful… I can’t think of enough bad words for people like this… Im so sorry

  14. Hi there, Julie. I just found your blog through Scary Mommy. I just wanted you to know that I appreciated the post that was on Scary Mommy’s site and that made me come to your blog to read more. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see (from your post) the way that you accepted Jesse as Jesse. The majority of my and my husband’s friends are either gay, bi, or trans and it is just so wonderful to see the support you have given your daughter. I so wish my friends had had such a smooth transition without so much heartache when they were younger and dealing with their own issues. Please tell Jesse for me that she is beautiful and I am so glad that she has found herself and is happy!

  15. A very powerful post. Thank you! Sadly, I don’t see the bigotry ending anytime soon. It amazes me even today that I can become friendly with someone over a period of time and then they find out by chance that I am a transwoman and they are gone.

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