152 200 116 & Thanks

This is what 152 gift cards look like.


Now I want to make it to 200.

I have a date with Beth on April 7 to give her the cards which she, in turn, will be getting into the right hands, so we have time!

So…ya think we can we do it?!?

To the 116 families who have already sent cards: I have such gratitude for your incredible generosity and kind notes.  But I am not a hero – you all are.  All I did was make a request.  You all did the heavy lifting.

And to the folks I’ve never even met…a very special thank you.

Fun fact: Cards have arrived from Massachusetts, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Washington, Alabama, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Michigan and, my personal favorite: England (as in the UK) from a long time reader and crazy cool person, Caroline. ❤

I am so blessed to have surrounded myself with awesome ladies, gentlemen and those who’ve not yet decided.

❤ ❤ ❤


A Stepson, Some Gift Cards & A Running Commentary

“These kids are going to feel so blessed…”

  • Max, age 11 as he organizes the gift cards


“I’ve never seen so many gift cards other than in a store!”

  • Max, age 11, still organizing the gift cards


“It is amazing how many people who care out there.”

  • Max, still age 11, still organizing the gift cards

“Darn it!”

  • Max, age 11, among a pile of gift cards, when the calculator he was using to add up the total value of all the cards crashed

“We are already at $295!”

  • Max, getting ever closer to 12, while adding up the value of the cards, this time on the computer

“It’s amazing that everyone would give this much support to these kids.  It’s amazing!”

  • Max, 11, who has grown an inch since he started this little project.

“$1,940 so far!  But a bunch of the cards didn’t have amounts on them…so I’m guessing we are over $2,000!!”

  • Max, who has an enthusiasm for this that warms my heart


Max, who will be 12 in May, was just 8 when Jess came into his life and he learned what it means to be transgender.  Didn’t care then.  Doesn’t care now.

Our original goal of 104 has been met and crushed.  But…my birthday is not for another two weeks, so keep ’em coming! 

And Max: it isn’t just these kids who are feeling blessed…

We’re Not Talking Ketchup Here


Thank you,   Marc H., Cheryl N., Deb F., Kristen M., Gail S., and Carolyn P.

I only know one of you personally.

You are from Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and North Carolina.


We are better than halfway there.

And my heart is full.

Rock on ladies, gentlemen and those who’ve not yet decided.


Oh, To Be 39

One week.

39 gift cards.


So far.

From Massachusetts, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York.



Generous souls.

Bad ass mamas, dads, sisters, brothers, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

Less than halfway there, but we will make it.

Love to everyone thus far: Heather K., Shelley B., Nicole F., Lori K., Patricia B., Jennifer N., Lori B., Harriet S., Michelle C., Robin F. and Joy S.

These kids need us.

We can do this.

Rock on, ladies, gentlemen and those who haven’t yet decided.