Two Russians, Two Dominicans, Two Greeks, Two Jews and A Ski Poled Woman Meet at the Beach

On Saturday Barry and I took our first real walk since Memorial Day 2016 when he blew out his L5S1 while reaching for a receipt on his dresser.  I keep telling him he needs to come up with a better story…like he was fending off a tiger or something.  He’s sticking to the truth.

We logged 2.5 miles.  And, in true Julie/Barry fashion, we made some friends along the way.

Boris and Dora.[1] From Russia.  Married 63 years.  Boris is 89.  Dora, according to Boris, is 49.  Wink wink.  They’ve lived here for 27 years which was made even more remarkable by the fact that they spoke extremely limited and broken English.  They never stopped holding hands.


Luis and Rosa.[2] From the Dominican Republic.  Married 45 minutes.  Spoke no English.  That’s me and her, and Barry with the best man.  And, yeah, I don’t know why she was on her knees, but she certainly didn’t seem unhappy about it.  They never stopped smiling and laughing.

bride praying to groombride on her kneesbride and me

bestman and barry

Irma.[3] Nationality unknown.  Had to be either deep into her 70s or, more likely, early to mid 80s.  Navigated the rocks and icy cold water with her ski poles with impressive agility.  She never saw me snapping her picture.

lady and ski poles

Manny and Nicholas.[4]  47 years and 16 months old respectively.  Manny was born here, sent back to Greece when he was six, returned at 18 when, despite having graduated from high school, enrolled for a second senior year to improve his English.  He is now a Social Worker.  Nicholas made Manny a first time dad at 46.  They never stopped smiling at one another.

barry manny and nicholas

I’d missed walking with my husband on the beach.  Here’s hoping there will be many more walks and many more awesome people along the way…

[1] Okay, Boris and Dora were the names of my great grandparents.  But they were from Russia, too.

[2] Also not their names.  I know a woman from the DR named Rosa and I Googledcommon men’s names in the Dominican Republic”…

[3] Yeah yeah, made it up.

[4] Those are their real names!  Honest!

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