Writings, Rantings, Raves & Resumes

Know thyself.

I stink at math.  Science is no better.

But my degree in psychology has served me well every single day.


Despite four years of Spanish, I remain uni-lingual, but proudly have that one down pretty well.

I am computer/tech savvy enough considering I am of a generation that passed notes in class, could make prank phone calls without fear of being caught, had to wait a week to have film developed into photographs and regularly consulted the World Book Encyclopedias on the bookshelf in my father’s study.


I have (rather successfully, I might add) held positions in fundraising, sales, corporate communications, executive assisting and all sorts of retail each of which relied far more heavily on my personality and ability to connect with people than on my just showing up.

And then I made the decision that was right at the time, but feeling kind of wrong right about now: I took some time from paid work to raise my kids.  And, trust me, that required far more skills than any paid job I’ve ever had.  Yet here we are.

(I find it utterly obnoxious that a part of me is cursing, berating and beating up on myself for doing my job as a mother which, not for nothing, I am pretty damn proud of…)


Over the past several months, I have spent countless hours poring through Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn and Craigslist. I started off energized and excited, wondering how hard could it be to find an even slightly cool job. Yeah, well I was quickly schooled by the answer: really damn hard.

Now I am just depressed by it.

On the few occasions that my resume has managed to catch the right eye, intrigued hiring folks have used words such as “eclectic”, “interesting” and “unique” to describe my work history. (Ha: They don’t know the half of it!)  Not one of those conversations has led to anything which would yield even a pittance of a paycheck.


But all is not lost as there has been a lesson learned: I am not going to find a career/job/even a gig that way.

Admittedly I have not had a traditional career path, however…

Whether you are the boss or the intern, the chairman or the custodian: I will not only initiate and maintain a conversation with you, but we will likely become friends.

I tell a story with the best of them.  And those words that elude you? I’ve got them.

You have the idea, I bring it to life.

I’m great at nailing down the precise voice necessary to tell your story, whatever it may be…unless, that is, the subject matter is math or science.  (Just keeping things real here, folks.)

My reliability, energy and sense of humor make up for my definitely-more-than-rudimentary-but-not-exactly-expert computer skills. In fact, as much as I love taking red pen to paper, I will happily edit the “new fangled” way.  See, I am teachable!

So, keep me in mind the next time you have to write something but cannot because you stink at writing the way I stink at math.

Tell your colleagues, friends and strangers on the street that yes, you do happen to know a writer for hire.

Know of a great little company that needs a fun, articulate, mature, reliable person (who doesn’t own a business suit but boasts an extensive jean collection)(read: casual is my middle name) who can write? I’m your gal.


And forgive me, dear readers, for hijacking this space for my own betterment.  I promise to go back to my regular writings, rantings and raves soon!

Until then…


9 thoughts on “Writings, Rantings, Raves & Resumes

  1. I’ve always thought you write here for your own betterment. And my betterment, and that of all your readers. Which is why I get excited when I see a new post from you–your writing from your heart makes our often painful world a little lovelier. I wish you the very best in your job search. If I get tip, I’ll pass it along!

      • FWIW, I would buy a house from you. Assuming you are like how you write, you are honest, forthright, and trustworthy. I think you would help people find the perfect home for their family.

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