Why I Love Facebook

I take a fair amount of crap for being on Facebook perhaps a bit more than some think I should be.



Here’s why I love Facebook:

Allison.  She is far closer in age to my children than to me.  We met at our group interview at TCS and then slogged through training together, working side by side for several years, always having a good time.  She left, then I left, but I’ve had a ringside seat to her engagement, her wedding and the birth of her ridiculously cute son.  And, if that isn’t enough, I am able to continue, as I did when we saw each other daily, to live vicariously through her as she travels the world…most recently to Paris with her boys.  It warms my heart.

Rachel.  It was better than ten years ago when I met Rachel and we bonded over the fact that we’d gone to the same college, albeit about twenty years apart.  We worked on a project together, she the professional, me and my son the volunteers.  Our collaboration has long since ended but I have kept up with her and her decision to have a child, buy a house and start a business all on her own.  So, too, did I share in her excitement when she became pregnant with a little sister for her awesome little girl and then, in one of the most heartbreaking posts I’ve ever read, learned that her Sadie was still.  I think about Rachel all the time and am so happy to see her successfully reinventing her life.

Laurie.  We’ve never met in person, although we consider ourselves to be dear friends.  Through an abundance of mutual friends, she learned of Jess’ story not long after her transition and has been not only an ardent follower of my blog, but of huge support, often providing free psychotherapy first via messenger and eventually by text.  We went through the college application process with our kids, hers to University of Miami, and mine to University of Massachusetts.  When her son lost his life after making the same mistake any kid could make and taking a pill for the thrill, we messaged every single day.  Nothing makes me happier than a photo popping up in my feed with her tremendous smile and spirit, despite a pain I can only begin to imagine.

Dawn.  Again, we’ve never met.  She is the mom of three, one of whom, due to an injury at birth, is a quadriplegic who happens to be, and this is not an exaggeration, the cutest little person on the planet.  Without competition.  She has the most infectious smile, darling personality and soaring spirit EVER.  I often hop over to see if mother and daughter are doing one of their live videos just to brighten my day.

Karen.  My fantastic, wonderful loving and kind oncology nurse who was with me not only through every step of my diagnosis, surgery, recovery and follow up, but we managed to get divorced and re-partnered at the same time.  I am not sure we did much other than share stories (ahhhh, new love!)  during those six month check-ups.  I’ve gotten to watch her and the guy-from-high-school-that-she-didn’t-quite notice-until-a-reunion start to date, move in together and, not long ago, get engaged!  Karen dedicated her life to helping people in some of their darkest days and deserves all the joy she has found.

Kaity and Charles.  I was quite literally the last person at work to know that each other was the boyfriend/girlfriend that the other was so gaga over.  We’ve all moved on, but I saw them get engaged and then married.  Just waiting for the baby announcement!

Nikki, Paige and Brynn.  Who knew that a chance meeting at a McDonald’s would yield a wonderful friendship?  And, if not for Facebook a couple of weeks ago, not only would I not have known that we were day tripping in the same town, but I certainly wouldn’t have had a chance to have dinner with them!  And, Brynn will be enjoying her new iPad thanks to Barry finding her a deal.  Yep, saw she was looking for one on Facebook.

I could go on.  And on.  And on.  (And please don’t take offense if you are not mentioned here…I had to end somewhere! )

We are living in tough times, boys and girls.  We all need love.
We all need support.  We all need to feel connected.

So, next time you want to give me crap about Facebook, I will repeat: whatever.

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