19 Lousy Days

First, a sincere and intense thank you to each and every person who commented, texted, emailed, called, carrier pigeon-ed and smoke signaled me following my last blog.  I cannot begin to tell you how much it meant to me.

After spending the better part of the past few weeks crying, rocking in the corner, sucking my thumb, picking at my face like a teenager, wondering if my hair – with whom I have an absurd love/hate relationship – was going to fall out, and feeling like a tether ball that broke free of its rope, I have some news to report.

Last night I got a call from Dr. Z.  He started out with,

“I have never seen this before and I am still shocked”

This was around the time I realized that whatever he was about to say was either going to be totally horrible or unbelievably fabulous…

”It came back benign!” 

The few still-firing brain synapses that I have started to short circuit;  Had I imagined his having told me it was bladder cancer??  Did I know that this was even a possibility??  (He did.  I didn’t.)  I still need to be followed closely as these little fuckers tend to come back and sometimes when they do, they aren’t so benign any more.  Regardless, allow me to shout a big old PHEW.


With a hearty good riddance to the first 19 days of 2018…let’s all commence to some weekending!

36 thoughts on “19 Lousy Days

  1. OMG Julie! There is a Jewish God! Cheers to her and Mazel Tov ( Apple dictation wrote as ‘muscle tough’to you! Much love to you And always June! Joan Slafsky

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  2. I hear the collective PHEW, and it includes me! Grateful for this wonderful news, Julie, and sharing in your relief and joy. Yes, go get that sundae—-as for a double giant! xo

  3. This is the best thing I have seen/read all week, and I only know you from the wonderful emails I get when you blog! Mazel Tov!!!! May you continue to have good health! 🙂

  4. I am so happy to hear and so sorry for not knowing. I haven’t been paying much attention to Facebook and missed all this news. I am so glad everything turned out well!!! Xxoo

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