Tell The Damn Truth

You can yell at me.

You can call me a bitch or a jerk or a shithead if you want. (But please don’t tell me I look fat: that slays me.)

You can tell me you think my outfit is ugly, my hair is too big or my opinion is stupid.

You can even tell me that I out and out suck.

You cannot, however, lie to me.  Like ever.

For starters: I will always find out the truth.  Trust me.  And if you don’t believe me, ask my kids.

I promise that, every.single.time, I will be far more incensed by a lie than anything you might have done that you felt the need  to lie about.

And, remember, there will never be an instance where I don’t eventually learn the truth.

I will even give you repeated opportunities to come clean.  In fact, I will give you more than the average bear. Way more.

My superpower: I always find out the truth.

In my world, lying is the worst.

Little white lies: “I wish I could come to your Pampered Chef party but I have to wash my hair…” or “Don’t worry, no one else heard the little toot that slipped out…” : those are cool, bring it!

Lies = disrespect.

Do. Not. Lie.

It erodes trust.

And it pisses me off beyond belief.

p.s. It is not Barry.  He knows better.


2 thoughts on “Tell The Damn Truth

  1. So true! I used to find myself wanting to tell little white lies to get out of things I didnt necessarily want to do. Now I know that all I need to say is “no thank you”. And I would much rather someone say that to me rather than make up a lie! No justification needed. Just a simple no is just fine. Thanks for sharing!! ❤✌

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