I Cannot Breathe

I cannot breathe.

Another mass shooting.

Another presidential hissy fit.

Another group of strangers throwing hate at an entire community of people – those who are transgender – mostly because it somehow frightens them.

Another scene of increased police presence.

Another kid acting out, mostly because their anger is bigger than their ability to control it.

Another pain in my chest, ache in my heart.

Another unpleasant interaction with someone who cannot accept that you are on their side.

Another morning of crushing news coverage.

I cannot breathe.


3 thoughts on “I Cannot Breathe

  1. Me, either. I’m sitting down to call all of our Northern California congressional representatives and senators this very moment. Because I don’t know what else to do. xoxox

  2. It’s so hard to keep hanging on through all of the hate, but we have no other choice. Sending hugs to you through space and time.

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