Not a surprise. But horrifying nonetheless.

Expected. But terrifying.

What is happening in this country and to her people?

The depth of anger is frightening. Beyond measure.

As if the layer of anxiety that has permeated all of our lives wasn’t heavy enough.

How did we become so profoundly broken?


Is it making America great again?

This is our backyard, folks.

The lack of humanity.

The absence of even a modicum of self-control – from the protesters or their leader, who is holed up in the Oval Office, watching it on television.Likely getting off on what *he* has created.

I am sick.

For my children.

Their children.

How did we get here?

No respect.

No decency.

No compassion.

No maturity. Plain old maturity.


People are in physical danger.

To what end?

I need a hug.

I cannot imagine I am alone.

No matter who you support, or love, or even loathe, there is no excuse for this.